Thursday, August 16, 2007

Things Accomplished

This week has been one of accomplishing tasks related to settling in to our new home and establishing ourselves as respected members of the community.

I accepted a position as a Title I teacher (part time) in a local elementary school. Three hours each morning. It gives me income, keeps me involved in one of my passions-teaching reading, and still gives me enough time to pursue some of my other passions like knitting, spinning, hiking, and beach walking.

John has also accepted a teaching position, also part time. He will, however, be working with the other end of the learning curve--university level-- at California State University Channel Islands. Therefore, I will henceforth refer to him as The Professor.

Tuesday evening I attempted to assimilate more into the knitting community by attending the knitting group. Only one other knitter came but we enjoyed getting to know each other and found we have much in common.

Last night we joined the Gerrys, The Professor's sister and niece at the church Wednesday night Summer roast beef dinner, a weekly event that takes place in July and August. More interacting with our new community.

The Professor has become well acquainted with the local building supply big box stores as he has 'plumbed' our home for natural gas for our clothes dryer and in fact he is off now to the local plumbing store to pick the experts' brains about the best way to get our washer and dryer hooked up and working.

I have cleaned and organized the bathrooms. It really doesn't take much time to set up the baths because I'm not one to have a lot of lotions, creams, polishes or make up around. I added one decorative item in the guest bath, where I've chosen a green, botanical decor. I had this photo enlarged and I framed it with a dark wood frame.

Walking Trail on Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland, England

I called the furniture store last week to ask when our sofa and two chairs would be ready to be delivered. Unfortunately or fortunately, however you decide to look at it, the delivery won't happen until the second week of September. The living room is mostly cleared and ready for delivery, but we have a sofa in the family room so we aren't sitting around on the floor waiting.

I am quite excited about the living room. I have always loved the beach and one of my dreams has been to live in a beach cottage. I don't know if I will ever move into a beachside home, but I decided I could decorate my home in a beach theme. When we chose our furniture it was with a beach cottage theme in mind. When the room is set up, I will post photos. I hope you all will be patient because I don't have any control over the delivery date.

I am spending some time each day outside. The sad news is that my tomatoes just aren't doing well. I guess tomatoes do not like being transported from one county to another, left in pots and watered sporadically. The two pots of mint nearly died and dried up. I will have to repot them and see if they recover. The good news is that thinning the jasmine will not kill it. The new tendrils are growing everywhere and beginning to cover the eaves and gutters. I whacked at one of the three plants this afternoon.

What else has been accomplished? Current count of appliances in the car port is down to one. A refrigerator we have for sale. Current count for bookcases on the front patio is now at two. These two will most likely be donated or given to whoever wants to pick them up and take them away.

I blocked four of the swatches I have finished for the certification. I am almost finished with the entrelac and I am much happier with this swatch. All I have left on it is the casting off row of triangles.

Haven't The Professor and I been busy?


Anonymous said...

congrats on the employment!

ancient one said...

Yes, you two have been busy. I will enjoy seeing your cottage furniture when it arrives. Enjoy your teaching!!

roxie said...

What a LOT of accomplishments! Bravo on all. (Pictures of the knitting, please.)

Unknown said...

The professor? Then we need to get you (pl) a wardrobe for the cottage. :}

Mama Mia said...

hehe! Big Bro, that's exactly what I thought when Mums said 'The Professor'! We're definately related. :o)