Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Scramble

This is the last summer vacation weekend The Professor and I have. We have been doing lots of last minute projects.

He is going through a box of papers and notebooks he brought from his old office.

I have edited and printed several pages for the knitting guild resubmission, including the design book reviews I wrote while I was kitty sitting in Redondo Beach.

Because Chaplain Dan and The Princess are coming next weekend from Phoenix to attend a wedding, they will be staying with us. I've been putting things away in the guest room to ready it for them.

Now that the furniture is here, I am looking around at the walls, holding up pictures and frames and muttering, "Yes, a little lower," and "Maybe the other picture would look better on this wall."

I blocked the "Joaquin Hoodie" and it is drying next to the entrelac swatch. Yes! I finally am satisfied with the swatch and decided, enough! Just block it!

On the to do list is "sweep the front porch". Earlier this afternoon, the wind kicked up and many jasmine leaves came floating down with the gusts. I had to retrieve the tablecloth I'd left on the small table.

In a few minutes we will be leaving to attend a church information class for prospective members, which is what we are since we are new area residents.

My neighbor brought us a plate of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies! Mmmmm. They are really good, so good that even though I don't care for peanut butter cookies, I like these.

We've been taking little breaks and sitting in our new furniture, just to try them out. The Professor seems to prefer the sofa,

while I have been gravitating to the chair and ottoman.

Come visit and test them yourselves and decide which is your favorite.


ancient one said...

I'd like to try your chair. I really want to see the pictures you choose and how the room turns out.

Anonymous said...

The chair and sofa look very comfy, Willow, but that first sentence makes me feel a little sad - the beginning to a farewell to summer.

Barbara said...

I'll be testing them in my dreams.
Looks like it is all coming together.

Anonymous said...

The furniture looks so cozy and inviting. :) Enjoy your weekend!