Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A Better Day

Wednesdays are nice days. At the end of the school day, you know you're more than halfway to the weekend. My Wednesday is especially nice this week because I have started knitting the back of the Aran Sweater, having swatched out several cables and other designs and decided which ones I want to knit on the back and front.
The sleeves are finished.

An aran diamond with moss stitch is bordered by a wave of honey cable on either side and edged with moss stitch.

The required bobbles form the sleeve cuff. I used the bobble cuff on the first sweater but I have changed the background to moss stitch for uniformity with the rest of the sweater.

I have knitted the bottom border of the back and am ready to do the increase row that adjusts the number of stitches I need for the cables.


Bethany said...

Wow! You are amazing! I wish I lived near to you and you could teach me!!! I really want to start another knitting project now!

Unknown said...

That pattern is lovely, so much detail.

Apple crisp sounds lovely, we have 3 apple trees in the garden and I make full use of them in Autumn, in a few months my family will be groaning when I present them with yet another apple desert, but these things are so much better in season.

roxie said...

The sweater looks lovely, but I am concerned that your cables are all single stitch. Is there somewhere you can fit in a three over three? Or is there someone you can call (or write) to ask if the single-stitch cables will be a problem? They are in perfect proportion to the dainty size of the sweater, but you might not be showing your cabling skill enough.

Heather said...

This is beautiful!

Beatriz said...

It's coming along so beautifully. You do some beautiful knit work.

Barbara said...

Knitting so beautiful and so neat. I do know how it feels to really just want to stay home when one has to go out. In fact I often find that when I am supposed to go out tht is just the time when I want to stay home.
I did not go into The Ark, it was closed.
I have posted a little more of my story if you come visit now.

Anonymous said...

Fancy fancy! I'm so impressed with your craftsmanship and creativity.

Barbara said...

I just realised that your parents were married in 3 1/2 weeks. That was fast.

I have always wanted to write a book - maybe this is it!!

Anonymous said...

The sweater looks like it will be wonderful. :) I love Aran sweaters.