Wednesday, October 24, 2007

San Diego Fires

This morning it looks like our MamaMia will not have to evacuate. We have not heard yet about their church or their pastor's home. So many other people are displaced. I am so sad for them. San Diego State Univ. is still closed to avoid congesstion at QualCom stadium.

My morning sky is tinged with pink and yellow. There is still smoke in the air and the wind is still blowing. It's probably another rain/smoke/wind stay inside day in kindergarten. Sigh.


Mama Mia said...

Hey mums! You are probably in school right now. I'm trying to keep phone lines free so this is a long comment. Everyone is CV is allowed back and not a single structure was damaged. Praise God!

We are still nervous for some friends up in Camp Pendelton... got a call at 2am asking to stay at our house because they saw flames on both sides and were being evaced, but haven't heard from them yet, almost 7 hrs later. Hubby is trying to get in contact. And of course, we are praying for the whole area... 3/4 million people evacuated! So many homes burned... it is so sad!!!

Mary said...

I'm praying for everyone who has been displaced and also for those near the fire.

Thanks for keeping us updated.