Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My Mama Told Me So

My mama told me there'd be days like this. Those days when you wonder why on earth you ever thought you could be a good teacher, you could ever knit a row right, draw a straight line, boil water without burning it. I think the root cause is fatigue and the solution is a good night's sleep.

Thanks for your responses about being at home. I agree with Beatriz that eventually I'd want to get out and travel because I do love to travel. I just like coming home again. As far as missing people, yes, I would want to communicate with the people I love; they could come visit me, right? I think I'm a bit of an introvert because I don't seem to need to be around people as much as others may. My mother-in-law used to state, "I'm my own best company." At this point in my life, my desire to be alone might have something to do with being in a room with twenty kindergarteners for three hours every morning.

On a trip to England in 2004, I came across this plaque on a wall by the front door of a friary in Canterbury. I love it. This photo hangs by the front door in my home. Pax et Bonum. This is what I wish for you all, at home or out and about.



Bethany said...

I totally understand how you feel! When I teach in the mornings, I just need to be by myself to regroup and find my peace again! And today is one of those days!!! On Thursday I have k-8th graders by myself because my teaching partner just left for the hospital tonight to have her baby!!! I'm happy for her and scared for me all at the same time!!!

Mary said...


I used to volunteer at the school, helping children with math, reading and spelling. At the end of the day I was always exhausted and yes, being tired can certainly have an effect on how you cope throughout the day. Hope you get some much needed rest.


Mama Mia said...

Yes, being with that many kindergartners all day will do it! I'm with college students all day and it feels like a zoo, so I can't imagine ks! o_O

Just rest and take it easy. We introverts need are recoup time, and a steaming cup of tea (echinacea for me-- I'm really sick this week) and a good book are definately the answer. :o) Oh, and a good night sleep. loves!

Anonymous said...

Oh Willow. I understand about being a homebody. And it's not just a dislike for the inconvenience of airports.

Thank you for your peace and good wishes. We could all do with some. Hugs.

Kiti said...

Mumsie, I too am a homebody cursed with a sense of adventure. The trick is to travel, but have a home base with all of your good books and your teapot. Or so I've been told, since despite my efforts, I do not yet actually have a home.

And children are beasts. I'm not sure why humans have not yet evolved a better product of reproduction. But if we kill all of our offspring for being horrifically irritating, there'd be no way to evolve anyway...

roxie said...

Sounds as if you and mama mia both need a quiet day back here in Oregon. It's raining and cool and is perfect curl-up-with-a-book-and-blanket-and-a-cat weather. Your bodies are just responding to the tidal swell of your home bay.