Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Off On A Little Trip

Since I have two days off this week, I've decided to hop on Amtrak and take the train to San Diego to visit MamaMia and her Marine.

I've packed the aran sweater, the green pullover for Kiti, blue yarn for a little scarf, and I'm considering stuffing in the blue cashsoft sweater. I have some mags to share with MamaMia and a book I'm supposed to be reading for a test I have to take in December.

I have my cell phone, charger, camera, laptop, toothbrush. I should pack a change of clothes, too, huh?
The Professor is going to meet me in Los Angeles at Union Station on Saturday so we can attend the marriage celebration of two friends at 3pm in the South Bay.

At least these are the plans, if I survive Halloween in Kindergarten class.

I pulled off the freeway after work to check out the rose bushes. I'm thinking I might wait a bit to get the Iceberg roses. I won't be able to plant anything for at least a month--too many commitments until after Thanksgiving. Can I still plant roses in December or January in Southern California?
The Professor showed me something interesting in the newspaper today. He found a map of the areas burned by the Santa Clarita fire last week. We knew that the street where his family lived in the 1960s lost some houses in the fire. What the map showed was that the neighborhood where we lived for a year in the early 1980s also lost houses--three in the cul-de-sac where we lived and the two houses on the hill behind our house. I wonder who lives there now, and if any of the neighbors we knew still live there.


Sher said...

Have a fun trip! When I was teaching, I found that it was easier to survive Halloween Day than the day after, when they were all hyped up on candy and lack of sleep.

Midlife Cycler said...

ooooh..pretty picture of the two of you...have a good time...

and...you are so close, and I think my picture was dark, but its the top left. Those 2 cloths are so similar.

and...I was amazed, yes..amazed..to see my name on the blogs you check. I was just telling Becky this morning that I dont feel like I am good at this, or post things people want to read. I told her it was called "new Blogger syndrome" :)
I have it bad.

Barbara said...

Have a great trip and looking forward to your return. Nic e photos.

Debbie said...

The best time to plant roses in California is in December and into January. Don't forget to add some alyssum under the white roses and cosmos. I get at least three generations of cosmos a season, so feel free to pull them up once they set seed. If you want white flowering evergreen perennials for shade, let me know. I have lots of hellebore.
I am packing and scooping here, and cleaning some too. Do you want me to save you the nasty cleaning parts? : )

Mary said...

Sounds like a great trip ahead of you. I'm looking forward to photos and commentary of your visit and of the marriage.

Hope you survived Halloween in the kindergarten class. I know how lively that can be. For years I volunteered in my grandsons' classrooms during all holiday activities. A bit hectic but lots of fun.

Have a safe trip.

Bethany said...

"MamaMia" is so pretty! I hope you have a great time! You are so funny--the first things you think of packing are your knitting (who needs clothes???!) Can't wait to hear about the trip :) And if you survived your Kindergarten class!!

Anonymous said...

Willow, you can plant roses any time you like! I have a rosy So Cal friend who's moving to Milwaukee -- talk about learning to garden all over again!

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a great trip!

roxie said...

Joy to you and all you love and blessisngs on your roses!

ancient one said...

Have fun!!

Stvleo said...

What a beautiful couple it is? Hope to see a lot of photos from you.

kate said...

Hallowe'en in a kindergarten class must be quite the experience! I hope you got through it in one piece and are now off to San Diego... I visited there twice in the early part of this year and loved it.

It is hard to get my head around the thought of planting anything in December or January ... but I imagine that is a good time for planting roses.

I'm glad you have your priorities straight ... wool and wool products!

Enjoy your weekend and what a lovely couple!

kate said...

Hi Willow,

What does it mean to 'block' a scarf? Am I supposed to be doing that before sending them off?