Saturday, October 20, 2007

Channel Islands National Park

The Channel Islands National Park in Ventura is less than twenty miles from Willow's Cottage. The Professor and I went to the visitors center to document the distance and to investigate what is there.

We found an islands native plant display just outside the entrance

and an interactive tide pool inside.

We walked across the street to view the entrance to Ventura Harbour.

Since it was late afternoon, the shore birds were gathering to watch the sunset

and grab a quick snack in the sand.

We crossed the street again and strolled along the harbour walkway so we could gawk at the boats, read the names, choose which one we would buy, if we ever bought a boat.

The afternoon sun was still warm, and we enjoyed a gourmet cup of coffee.

It was another perfect day in paradise.


Mama Mia said...

It was beautiful today, wasn't it? Thanks for talkin' on the phone! :o)

Mary said...


Beautiful photos. I can see it was a gorgeous day. Glad you enjoyed it.

You'll find the answer to your question about the farm on my blog. Thanks for your interest. I always enjoy your visits.


Anonymous said...

Paradise, indeed! Sun and water and company and coffee :-)

kate said...

Hi Willow,

The Channel Islands Park is beautiful ... what a lovely day you must have had. Blue skies, a leisurely walk and good coffee sounds perfect. (except you were missing the chocolate ... but then, the scenery and the weather made up for that).

I started on yet another scarf and thought I really should try something different - like a hat. When I find a pattern, I will ask you if I run into problems.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Anonymous said...

I love the photos of the marina with all the boats. :-)


Midlife Cycler said...

Truly, thanks for posting pictures. Its so fun to see other parts of this country.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful day! The pictures made me feel warm, despite the cool, fall weather here.

Catherine said...

Paradise indeed!!
Beautiful photo's...Love the pic's with all the boat's!!

Bethany said...

I loved your photos... they remind me a bit of Nantucket too, where we honeymooned 15 yrs. ago! Craig picked out a name for his future boat, but we still are dreaming about that!

roxie said...

You know the definition of a boat is, "A hole in the water for you to throw money into," don't you?

The seabird silhouettes are wonderful!! What a lovely day. You and the professor do know how to enjoy yourselves!!

ancient one said...

Love your pictures of the boats and water and the last one of just the tops of the masts...