Monday, October 22, 2007

Wild Fire and Santa Ana Wind Season

Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts for us here in "Paradise". Now you know what happens when you have sunshine all the time: dry, dry terrain makes fires go wild.

MamaMia called from San Diego to say that they are packing, "just in case". Their best friends have evacuated from their brand new home.

It is a little difficult to settle down to any one activity. As you can imagine, my attention is divided: the sky, the wind, the smoke, the TV news, the activities I should be doing right now.

At this point, Willow's Cottage is not in any fire danger. We are getting lots of wind, smoke and ash. My Bible study class was cancelled for this evening so I am taking some extra time to organize my evacuation/emergency file. I had not updated it since we moved in the summer. I asked The Professor what items I should grab for him if I were home alone and had to evacuate. He replied, "My guitar." OK, check. Got it on the list. What's on my list? The Knitting Guild Association master handknitting Level Three projects, my spinning wheel, my mother's ring.

What would you grab on the way out the door?


Mary said...


I'm glad you have your evacuation plan in order. I do hope you don't have to leave. I will be keeping you and your family and all of your neighbors in my prayers.

Graf Spee said...

In answer to the question,
first and foremost is my "I Love Me" book. Thoughts and prayers for all.

Bethany said...

I don't even want to think about it because I'm so attached to my books and portfolios and photos and a few things from my childhood...too much to pack and carry in a car!!
I hope this is all over soon!!!!!

Kiti said...

I realized that I'm too tied to my earthly possessions. =(

Well, I'd grab the cats (Hobbes and Touchy), the computer that has all my writings, and perhaps photos (for Jeff), my flute, and Irianese memorabilia (irreplaceable stuff).

kate said...

I so hope that you will remain safe and in your home... watching the coverage of the fires on CNN has been scary. Maybe I should appreciate winter ... thinking of you, kate ox

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hello Dear Willow.....

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of California at this dreadful time. Its a heartbreaking sight seeing the fierce winds spread the fires and people evacuating their homes in terror.

That’s a tough question you ask, what would I grab in such a situation? I’m a great sentimentalist, so I guess it would be those personal family things that could never be replaced, like family photographs.

Keep safe! Marion

Anonymous said...

Wow, I've been sort of out of it and missed what was going on in CA until this morning. You immediately came to mind! I will be thinking about you and hoping for the best.

I've often thought about this, since I have had some unfortunate history with loved ones and fires. I've had a recurring dream about exactly your situation.

First and foremost would be the four cats, and that would be tough because we only have two cat carriers.

As far as possessions, I could probably let most of them go, but I'd grab the photos of my parents, a few photo albums and this laptop. And the knick-knack shelf that my father made for me. Maybe my tapestries and my old seasoned perfectly cast iron dutch oven?

roxie said...

I skip three days of blog reading and you fall directly into danger. Do take care, my dear. I am praying for you hourly.

I would grab the cats, the litter, the cat chows, the 5 gallon water bottles, blankets, my nesting steel mixing bowls, all our medicines, reading glasses, sweatpants and shirts, wool sweaters, . . . Looks like I'm planning for the collapse of civilization.

Heather said...

Oh Willow, My prayers are with you and the people in your area. I hope that you guys get some rain and that the winds die down so the fires can be put out.
It sounds like you have things in order. I heard Dave Ramsey telling someone on the radio to get legal docs to take with them in the same situation. So, don't forget to take important document such as tax returns, titles, birth/wedding certificates, insurance documents. In short any legal docs you can easily grab and stick in the car. I know some of them have copies that can be obtained through the court house in your area. But should anything happen you'll want to act quickly in restoring things to bnormal.

Mama Mia said...

Hubby and I have packed everything for Angel in her carrier, important papers, external hard drive with all our wedding pictures, etc and documents from 3 computers, change of clothes (with extra undies!), water & food, and bedding. Everything is in two sea bags and two backpacks, sitting by our bedroom door & ready for evac.

Oh! We packed also packed all the letters we wrote while he was in Iraq and stuff and I packed alllll my school stuff for this semester since SDSU is being poopy and only canceled school for today.
Maybe we packed too much, but we had time to prepare. haha Love to you! :o)

Kiti said...

Mia, I hope you remembered to pack toiletries, not to mention several days' supply of chocolate.

I realized that I'd only have to grab a limited amount of precious stuff, since more than half of our possessions are currently in another state. It would mostly be my flute & guitar (piano just can't fit in the car), I guess, the computers (two desktops and a laptop), and maybe some photos and mementos. Other than that, as I said before, the cats and then all survival supplies. I'd be fine as long as I had my car.