Thursday, January 01, 2009

Friday Fave Five

Yes, it's already 2009 and Susanne is back hosting Friday Fave Five. Here is my first submission for this year.

1. Watching Our New Boy celebrate his first Christmas!

2. Having all the immediate family at our house for Christmas Day and inviting a couple of others to share the celebration. Dessert was served to 14 people. (Well, 13, because The New Boy doesn't eat pie and ice cream yet. He had extra Cheerios.)

3. MamaMia and I received the same Christmas gift from our family. Everyone got together and presented both of us with identical new sewing machines! We are looking forward to Sewing weekends with Kiti this year.

4. The Professor and I had a lovely drive south to San Diego again earlier this week. We stopped in San Juan Capistrano, intending to pop in to Jumbuk Fibres until we realized that the store wasn't open on Tuesday. So we picked up a cuppa at the Starbuck's across the street from Mission San Juan Capistrano, Queen of the Missions. We didn't have time to go in and tour the mission so I just clicked a quick photo over the wall of the older section of the mission buildings.

4. The reason for our trip to San Diego was to help MamaMia and The Marine move to their new home!

5. Our neighbors dropped by Monday evening with a bag of tangerines (mandarins) and oranges from their trees to share with us. We have a mandarin orange tree too and we've been faithfully eating fruit every day, but this seems to be a year for bumper crops on all our citrus fruit trees so we all have an abundance. I'm certainly not complaining as I love mandarin oranges.


Cindy Garber Iverson said...

Looks like you're enjoying mandarines too! YAY! Our tree didn't have any ripe ones on it until today. Wonder why we're so behind? Hmmm... You must have some variety bigger than a dwarf to be getting so many.


Faith said...

Yum....fresh oranges! we have to rely on your state and florida to get us those! LOL
That baby is just adorable! ENJOY!

Anonymous said...

fabulous 5 Willow. I love the hands unlocking the door shot! Wow a new sewing machine!! I'll be happy to help you and your neighbors out with their bumper crops :0)

Tracy said...

A another wonderful set of five, Willow. Love seeing New Boy! And what delight--fresh oranges...mmm...Happy weekend ahead to you & yours. :o) ((HUGS))

Caroline said...

What a great post. Christmas is a wonderful time of the year no matter what, but there's nothing like the feeling that having a baby around during the holidays brings.I have to admit that I just don't enjoy watching my teenagers "play" with their new electronic devices as much I enjoyed watching them play with the boxes...oh, and toys they got as little ones fro Christmas.

Mary said...


I love oranges of all kind. Wish our climate was orange tree friendly.

I enjoyed your photos. The little one is so cute.

Happy New Year, my friend. I hope it's a great one for you and your family.


Barbara said...

Sounds like a wonderful time with family. Now 'the boy' is growing I can see you in him Willow.

Enjoyed reading your goals. Mine - well I won't call them goals, just desires. Certainly getting my photos sorted, by that I mean the thousands on the computer. Getting our bedroom redecorated, hopeful some new settees for the sitting room, a much needed new car - better stop there. As far as the spiritual side is concerned I trust in God's leading from day to day.

Islandsparrow said...

We're eating lots of mandarins up here too but I bet yours fresh off the tree taste much sweeter :)

and speaking of sweet - that little grandboy of yours is a darling!

God's blessings on you and yours in 2009.

Jerralea said...

I enjoyed reading your five. What a cute grandson!

I also read your goals for 2009. I, too, would like to get all my photos organized. It really is a blessing to future generations to see pictures of the family. So many of my family's pics have no names on them and we don't know who they are. I hope to not leave my pictures like that!

Brenda said...

Sewing weekends sound fun! Can´t wait to hear about those

Jientje said...

You lucky girl!!!!
It looks like you had a wonderful week!!

Knitting Linguist said...

We've been going wild with our mandarins, too! That's a great fab five -- lots of things to celebrate there :)

Unknown said...

Another wonderful fave five post :D We are having a burst of mandarins here...Chinese New Year is about 3 weeks away. The new boy look so gorgeous..makes me want to hug him :D

Susanne said...

Home grown mandarins. I'm so jealous. YUMMY!

How fun to be witness to the Boy's first Christmas!

Happy New Year, Willow!

Flower said...

Great week you had!! A new sewing machine is so nice!! Just think of what you can do now!
Send sunshine!! It's bad up here! Water, rain, snow, sleet...all at once!

Flower said...

ps...adorable boy all deck out for Christmas! Yum..cheerios!

Deb said...

I truly like the idea of the Friday Fave Five - helps one to remember to celebrate the 'little' things which really can be the big things! Fresh fruit is a blessing - enjoy! This year I will become a grammie three times ~ I will be writing a post about it soon so I can share the good news! I never thought I would be excited to be a grammie but I am now ready! Celebrate!

Vanessa Cole said...

The holidays are over;
January is here.
Just stopping in
To wish you A HAPPY NEW YEAR!


kate smudges said...

These are great fave fives. Your grandson is adorable - how fast they grow! It sounds as if you had a wonderful Christmas ... I hope you and your family have a happy and healthy New Year!!

Flower said...

I'm so glad you like them! They are the real me..but as I told M. Kate...other goals have to do with technology and photography well as more clean out around the house.
Are M and T so happy to have a home?!!

Anonymous said...

How lovely to be able to eat fresh oranges:-) Ilove your grandson's eye colour.
Ooo a new sewing machine- how wonderful!

Christmas surrounded with family must've been so special.

Lovella ♥ said...

Willow, what a lovely post. It seems that the new boy is growing like a weed. . .he is so cute, I love his teeth. . .our lil' farm hand only has 3.
Congratulations to the marine and mama mia on their new home. . .how exciting. . .
And a new machine. . .I intend to use mine more this year too, I can't wait to see what you are going to make. It is so fun sewing as a team.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Willow

I've never seen LA, so it was interesting to hear you say my photos of that area of Manhattan reminded you of it!

Tasha Tudor took the title of her book "Take Joy" from that Fra Giovanni letter I posted a few days ago. She said those words greatly influenced her in her life. I love them too!

Hugs, Pat

Jules said...

Hi Willow - many thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. I will pop in and visit when I can my friend. Every good wish for 2009 - hope your goals become reality!!!!