Friday, January 29, 2021

Friday Fave Fives in the Middle of Winter

Hello!  It's Friday (night) and I am finally slowing down enough to finish thinking through and writing down my Friday Fave Fives.   I do love this exercise in thankfulness.  (follow THIS LINK and you will learn to love it, too.  There is so much encouragement in reading how other people see the blessings in their lives popping up.)

 1. and 2.  We scored a beautiful Amish made table!  It is living in our kitchen eating area.  There is a wonderful story that comes with it.  I happened to notice a lovely table and four chairs set on the local selling wall.  As I scrolled past, I realized it was being offered by someone we know.  I texted. She answered.  We bought it.  What I love most is (well, two things) that The New Boy remembers sitting at this table celebrating his seventh birthday!  AND when we went to pick it up, the owners said they are happiest that their table is going to a home where they know it will be used to celebrate more birthdays and family dinners for people who are their friends.

And Bananagrams has already been played on the table.

3.  I haven't been posting anything about my knitting lately.   But knitting is happening.  Mostly socks.  I love hand knit socks.  They are perfect foot wear for cold days.

4.  Planning my garden.  Since this year I am dealing with frost dates, I created a planting planning sheet for what I want to put in the garden.  You might notice through the weeks that I really enjoy my garden and am thankful that I have an area now that is large enough to actually grow a garden.

5.   I just have to mention the homeschooling again.  We are seeing how happy New Boy is.  For example, he read a book this week which he really enjoyed.  Would he have ever willingly picked up A Murder For Her Majesty and read it if it hadn't been part of his assignments?  Probably not.  But he liked it so much that he was sad when he was read that last page and closed the cover.  That's what I love about homeschooling.  I am so thankful to be able to have this experience with him.  (Which book will he love next?)

Bonus:  Did you notice that I didn't even mention how cold it is here?  Every time I leave home and then return, I think how thankful I am that I have a warm home and a furnace that keeps pumping out heat.


Wendy said...

I love bananagrams! It's a game we played a lot when we had our family holiday weeks away. Not sure when we'll all be together again though. It must be lovely home schooling your grandson but also a challenge. As will the garden be in a different climate but I'm sure you're up to it. Love the socks. I like knitting but socks have always looked complicated to me lol. Yes a warm home after being out in the cold is definitely a blessing. Enjoy your weekend.

Elizabethd said...

I cant think of anything more cheering than planning a garden. It gives one time to look ahead and takes the mind away from the 'now'! Seed packets are magical, and I have to admit to buying too many.

Karen said...

Beautiful table and chairs! I love the story behind them:) And such a beautiful shade of blue in those socks. I'm not much at knitting, but I do love to make socks. And wear them;)

Can't wait to see what your garden grows. It will be a new experience in that neck of the woods, but I suspect you will rise to the challenge just fine!

2 gators said...

love the history of the table and chairs. I love gardening, I use my dad's rule of thumb for planting. Those socks look toasty beautiful job

Mereknits said...

Good news about the beautiful table and great news about homeschooling. He is going to prosper so much from your wonderful teaching. Stay safe.

Faith said...

what a gorgeous table!

Glad the homeschooling is working out for your grandson. I LOVE when children read books and enjoy them.

Yay for warm socks! I love those blue ones!!

You're planning a garden and I'm planning mountain climbs!

Have a blessed weekend!!

Gracie Saylor said...

Just enjoyed catching up on some of your posts! I would love to knit socks alongside you or tag along behind you as you walk, or read along with you and your grandson...and thanks to your lovely blog I have the sense that I am vicariously. I thought of you as I posted the last photo I got of Mt. Hood from Gresham near my credit union and shopping congestion and Mt. Hood definitely elevates the view! I look forward to seeing the result of your garden plans!

ellen b. said...

I'm glad you are embracing winter. :) Woohoo! That table and chairs look amazing. Glad you scored it from an acquaintance no less! Happy last days of January!

Susanne said...

Looks like a gorgeous table and chairs! I have never played bananagrams. Gardening around frost time tables is different but you will get the hang of your area in no time. Those socks looks toasty warm and I love the color! How sweet to experience your grandson loving reading!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

I love the knitted cables on your header picture. I love that yarn. It has been very cold here as well but we are expecting a snowstorm tomorrow night. The weather channels, apps, and forecasters say we will eat between a dusting and a foot and a half of snow....glad we got that clarified.

Gattina said...

I think you still have a lot of energy left ! I become really lazy each day more ! This lockdown lasts too long, it was much better in spring ! At least you could sit outside, now it rains cats and dogs and it is cold ! I too when I come back from shopping are happy to have found this nice apartment and that I am not in our house where I know the walls for 45 years !!