Sunday, October 28, 2007

Aran Sweater

I finished knitting the back, front, and sleeves of the redesign. I am really happy with the back.

I am not as happy with the neckline on the front. It looks a little unwieldy. I'll put a sample neckline on it and see how it looks then. I don't want to sew the shoulders and sleeves together until I'm sure the front neckline is good to go.

Measuring the width of the sleeves at the shoulder.

When I am not gazing off into space, visualizing the neckline, the sewn in sleeves or thinking about the best way to write up the pattern, I have been doing a little fun knitting. This is the ribbing for a sweater for Kiti. If you look carefully on the left edge, you can see a buttonhole. The sides have five buttons and buttonholes along the ribbing and up about 2 more inches. It is going to be a nice design feature. I found the Cotton Fleece by Brown Sheep Co. at my lys, Anacapa Fine Yarns. It's smooth and soft to work with, but it splits if you're not careful to hold the yarn taut.

One day soon this yarn will be a v-neck, long sleeve, ribbed sweater.


Barbara said...

I am just amazed at how neat and perfect your knitting is. How do you do it?

Midlife Cycler said...

You knitting looks like how I want mine to be someday...that is gorgeous..right now , I am fighting elbow tendonitis because of it!


gwyren c said...

I am trying to knit the central cable and the pattern cables next to it according the picture, but I think I'm dooing something wrong, because I don't get them as yours.
Could you please send me some explanations on how to knit them?

Gwen said...

beautiful sweater! would you mind telling me the pattern you used? thanks

Anonymous said...

How do I get this pattern? It's lovely.

Sandra said...

Just found your wonderful aran knitting. Where can I find the pattern?


Hoda Osman said...

Lovely sweater, how do I get the pattern.
My email is:

se said...

Where can I found this patern

Elizabeth McCann said...

Where can I get this beautiful pattern as I think it's about I'll beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Please where can I get this pattern.

Christina Cullen said...

Did anyone find this beautiful pattern would love to try it