Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Finishing touches

I am weaving in ends and plotting my next, and hopefully last, attempt at getting the neck edging right to the sound of a helicopter overhead. This noisy event was a daily occurence over at our other place but here near USC we don't hear them as often--maybe once a month. If you live in the inner city of any metropolis, you know if there's a helicopter, there are police cars and the best thing you can do is stay inside and just lie low for awhile. Curiosity killed the cat and it may cause you some problems.

This is the list of what still needs to be finished and put into the Level 3 notebook:

Bibliography--up to date, just needs to be printed.

Cover letter--mostly explaining that all my knitted work is done left handed and needs to be reviewed that way (cables and decreases are opposite when worked left handed) and thanking the judges for working hard to look at my stuff.

two photos--one is taken but I want to crop it or photo shop it to remove the distracting clashing color of the model's jacket. Can't take the other one until the sweater is finished.

Aran Sweater pattern with charts--I typed in the pattern as I worked but it needs tweaking--how many times in a row did I say WS: work in pattern? And I need to do the charts for four cables and the moss stitch and seed stitch.

I am so close to the finish line.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there! You are almost done! Aren't helicopters exciting?
They are actually kinda soothing. or at least I always thought so.

Willow said...

You never had them circle over your house for two hours at a time at 2am while the police were searching your neighborhood for a bank robber...

Anonymous said...

Not as often as where you were, but yes it happened many times.