Monday, April 16, 2007

What I Like

Everyone who knows me, knows what I like. I like Americanos with room for cream, cats, books, yarn, knitting, gardening, my friends and family, my husband.
And it doesn't take long for people to figure out I like the beach.
Thursday night we went to dinner in Manhattan Beach with friends and then walked down to the pier and along the beach.

Being Pacific Coasters, we like watching the SUNSET at the beach.

After sunset I took a photo of the pier from the beach below. It was really too dark but the lights on the pier showed up really bright. I messed around in editing (my first time!) and this is my first result. Probably too washed out to be a good photo. But it was fun to practice.

There is not much in life that's better than a walk on the beach!


roxie said...

Oh deeply profound sigh! What lovely pictures. Now I want to go to the beach even if I know it won't look like that up here. Maybe I'll just feast my eyes on your pictures for a while. Sigh.

Life is a Marathon said...

Willow! I have to tell you: this is the SECOND time I used pictures on your blog as my desktop background. =) Thank you for your LOVELY, relaxing photos! =) Life is too crazy and it's important (necessary) to take a minute or two to be reminded of what's REALLY important! And to PRAISE the Lord for such beauty!!