Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I have this photo on my laptop right now.
Sunset at Manhattan Beach.

On the knitting front
I finished two projects last night. This green sweater is knitted with Simply Soft yarn in the Knitting Pure and Simple pattern Babies Neckdown Cardigan which is the pattern I usually use for baby sweaters. So easy, no seams to sew.

Brown sweater knitted with Red Heart Soft Yarn. Same pattern. I am branching out a little and using different edgings and decorative touches. This sweater is going to LilliAnne (or is it LiliAnne? I can't remember and I just have to memorize the spelling!) in Troutdale, OR. She will be wearing it on hiking and camping trips this summer, so I choose brown yarn with white leaves embroidered in duplicate stitch.

Spring flowers are everywhere. These greet me on my 100 foot walk to school from the house.
Mock Orange

Iris with nasturiums in the background.
Yes, that is a chain link fence.
No, they are not my flowers.

Have a happy day, everyone!


Mama Mia said...

Nice template! Much more subtle and you. I love those two sweaters! Absolutely darling! Can you send me a copy of the pattern? The idea of not having to do seems sounds wonderful. ;o)

roxie said...

I vote for the new template, too. And the sweaters are great! One caveat, though. If the little one is wearing hers for hiking in the woods, should you make it in a bright, easy-to-spot color so she will be easy to keep an eye on?

Anonymous said...

I like both sweaters! Beautiful!!! We are so lucky that you like to knit!!! Me