Saturday, April 07, 2007

Saturday Sky

No photos because who wants to look at nothing but gray clouds?
Especially when you can look at beautiful yarn...

I am going to knit a sweater for a silent auction to benefit the Ugandan Lambs Project, a group of 50+ AIDS orphans all related to a Ugandan couple who goes to our church. We sponsor one of the older boys. My old administrator at Watts Christian School is going to sing with the Japanese Black Gospel Choir of Long Beach. Ray Sidney is the world famous (really!) leader of Firm Soundations. He travels all over Japan, Korea and the US singing and leading Gospel workshops. The concert and auction are scheduled for April 14.

This is for a 12-18 month baby sweater, Cashsoft Baby DK.

And this yarn is for MEEEEE!

I'll get right to work on a cardigan after I finish the three projects I put aside to focus on the certification.


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roxie said...

Halleluiah! He is risen indeed!

Luscious yarn. Yummy!! That blue is a perfect color for you. Is it cashmere as well?

So what are the three unfinished projects?