Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Make A Bag

Roxie asked how I make the bags.
I buy old 100% wool sweaters at thrift stores. When I get them home, I felt them in my washer (remember shrinking your favorite sweater? I do it on purpose), then cut them out to whatever size I want them. Usually I use the arms for the handles. Then I sew them up and look at them and let inspiration decide how they should be decorated.
This afternoon we will be going to the Beach Cities to do errands and then in the evening while John is in his Men's Bible Study, I will walk with a friend along the beach.
In the spring, wind's up.

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roxie said...

The sunset photo is grand!

Thanks for the bag tutorial! Are you going to leave that grey-petaled blossom all camoflaged against the grey background, or will you edge the petals to make them show up more? Your embroidery is wonderful!