Tuesday, April 10, 2007

On Vacation

Yesterday morning Deb, John and I rode bikes down to the local coffee place and sat around there for most of the morning just chatting. In the afternoon, between movies, we took several bags of recycle to a local recyclers and got $$ for them.

Last night we watched a movie, filmed in 1933, that won Best Picture. It must have been a slow year. Cavalcade was pretty depressing.

This morning John and I rode our bikes to downtown Visalia, got coffee, visited the lys so I could get replacement size 3 needles. My old circulars broke. Actually they weren't that old, just cheap. So this time I bought better ones. We stopped by the local thrift store and found summer shirts for John and a white sweater with possibilities for me. The possibilities include dyeing it so I can wear it or felting it for a bag.

Knitting is progressing. Unfortunately I can't post photos. I can use Deb's computer, but the wireless router is out so I can't upload my photos and post from my own laptop. I have finished the knitting of a helmet cap for LJ's new nephew. I am more than 1/2 finished with the baby sweater for the auction. Back and one front side are done and I'm working on the other side. We are planning to watch Wind in the Willows this afternoon, so the sweater should be near completion by evening. I still have LA's brown sweater to finish, just one sleeve and the neck and front bands.

I have been enjoying the cats. Hobbs and Touchy are upstairs here with me. Touchy is grooming Hobbs' head. Nala is hiding... I've taken some pictures. I really will post them when I can.

This evening we are looking forward to dinner with Jeff's parents.

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roxie said...

What a lovely vacation you are having! Thanks for sharing with us.