Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Taking a (Crochet) Break

After the TKGA certification was finished and I pulled out the works in progress and did those, I decided I needed a break in my knitting. The next knitting project I have is going to take some thought and planning.
So I'm giving my brain a crochet break.

I decided to make granny squares.
Every square is different.

The theme is flowers. I look at my yarn assortment and choose colors and combinations that remind me of blooms in my garden, nurseries, even Trader Joe's flower department.

Every square is bordered with one to four rounds of light blue.
Each square has nine rounds.

I have crocheted fourteen flowers. I think I'm going to do forty-eight.


Mama Mia said...

Mumsy, I love these! I hope to see them all in person this weekend. :o)

I'll post pictures of my new knitting projects tomorrow... I think you'll like them.

roxie said...

And what will this flower garden become?