Thursday, April 05, 2007

Tomorrow is the day!

My to do list is short:

1. take photos to print shop and get them printed, put them in notebook.

2. finish charts, photocopy them and put them in notebook.

3. go to post office and mail the box to TKGA.

4. celebrate!

Photographing the sweater was the most fun part of the whole process. Wanna see some pictures?

This girl could make a living for her parents as a model!

You can see the details of the patterns.

Naomi wanted in on the fun.
They are two of the most photgenic girls in Los Angeles!

Naomi can hold her own in the cute photo shoot category.

I took these photos. Tomorrow I'll show you some of the shots their dad took.

After I've been to the post office.


roxie said...

Oh those babies can really sell a sweater! The sweater is wonderful all on its own, but with that precious model, it's a shoo-in. Much as I hate bobbles, putting them along the hem and cuffs was inspired. SO cute and kid-ish!

Mama Mia said...

Oh, they are so precious! I miss them! That top picture is fantastic. And the sweater turned out lovely. And and... hooray! hugs!

Anonymous said...