Saturday, April 14, 2007


First things first.
We love our grandkitties. We actually have three, but another little sweetie has been living at Deb's for several months.. Nala was shy at first, but she warmed up to us the last day. In fact, she bonded so well with us that she wanted to come home with us. She hid in my bike helmet box, knowing I have an unlimited supply of catnip here at the house.

This is Touchy. Touchy Feely. Touchers for short. He's fluffy. We can't decide if he's the mastermind behind all the games and plots at the house or really is just the (not so bright) sidekick. He looks so innocent.

Hobbs may be the brains of the outfit. He knows how to open sliding glass doors; he is the daredevil who decided to see if cats do have nine lives and flung himself from the second story balcony. There are cat marks on the rails to prove it.

Aren't they precious?

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Kiti said...

Such great pictures, and they capture the essences of the kitty cats. I know that eventually, they loved Gma and Gpa coming to visit.