Monday, July 30, 2007

Another Lovely Day in Paradise

The weather has been lovely today. Blue sky. No clouds. Gentle breeze. We took a two mile walk to the library and back. I checked out a Meg Swanson knitting design book and two Dick Francis novels. I'm hoping the design book will work for one of the reviews I need to do for the TKGA certification. We've spent most of the rest of the time reading and relaxing. I just love Mediterranean climate weather.

Now it is time to fix dinner and get ready to go to my Precepts class. Today is a friend's birthday and she will be there, so I will need to grab a birthday card. After ravioli and a salad, I will hop in the car and only have to drive a couple of miles to class.

News flash: my bro and sil are coming for a visit! Yeah! They haven't seen our home in Camarillo so they are going to drive down in September to see us! Having a date when they are visiting gives me a goal to shoot for to have the whole house set up. I had been thinking I want everything set up and running smoothly by the time school starts (if I get the school job) and now I have a second reason to set a date in early September. It will be so much fun to share our new home and new community with them.


roxie said...

Need any help with that TKGA thing?

Have a ball with your brother and good luck with your class!

roxie said...

We are leaving on Friday the3rd for four days in LA. Fiftieth anniversary celebration for a wedding in which Kyle was the ring-bearer. While in the La Mirada Area, we want to take Kyle's mom out someplace really nice for lunch. Any suggestions? We'll be driving everywhere from El Segundo to Rancho California during our visit, so distance is not an object, nor is expense. Thanks!