Friday, July 27, 2007

Writing Class

I am half finished with the class. The focus is on teaching students to have better writing skills. There is so much material that I am seriously overwhelmed. I remember feeling this same overwhelmed sensation when I studied Slingerland reading and writing methods. It takes a while to synthesize the information. I think, though, that the material will be very helpful in my teaching and tutoring. Even little ones and students who are English language learners can benefit from the new ideas. I'm excited to think of ways to incorporate what I am learning into my classes.

Thank you, Debbie, for the information about washers. We will seriously investigate your recommendations. We, too, are looking for ways to reduce water and natural gas usage. The CCRs of our HOA prohibit our drying our laundry outside. I am pondering methods to get around this, such as drying clothing in the back room windows and using a screen in the breezeway between our house and the shed. I hate the thought of wasting all the sunshine and dry weather. Where did you find the washer?

We had a lunchtime conversation about fiber, specifically felting. One of the women noticed my felted bag and asked if I had made it. It turns out that two of the ladies have done needle felting and wet felting. I asked if they had ever dyed wool. I explained how you can dye wool in the microwave using koolaid! They had never heard of that. I am going to dye up a little bit of my fiber stash to show them.

Here they are! These cute kids' caps are for LA. I knitted one and concluded that it was too small, so I made another one a bit larger.

It is not easy to photograph brown caps against a teak table at night.

Posing your cap against a lighter wood grain background in the morning makes for a clearer photograph.

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roxie said...

Love the decreases for the top. And how goes the entrelac?