Friday, July 20, 2007

First Home Post

We now have internet at home!

Last night we moved furniture and boxes around outside and in and the place is finally starting to look lived in rather than stored in. There are now only three items of furniture out in the front porch area--two bookcases and one desk hutch. The back still looks a total messs--painting supplies and painted doors, a for sale fridge (wanna buy it?), washer, dryer, two bikes.

But I have internet!

Today I'm chasing the application for PVSD. I'm not sanguine about my chances of getting the job. I have all the experience in the world, but I don't have the "papers" to prove it.
But when you have beautiful flowers around, life is still good!


Anonymous said...


Guess what? I leave in 9 days!!! YIKES!!! :)

roxie said...

Rose of Sharon? Soo pretty! Congrats on the successful move.