Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Quick Update

Last night I went to the lcs (local coffee shop) where the knitting group meets. My first time! I am really happy to have found a group so quickly after all the years in Los Angeles when I knitted alone. One of the knitters is an expert in entrelac. I watched her and she advised me on my pick up technique which is what the TKGA committee didn't like on my swatch.
I have packed my knitting in one box and all the papers I need to do through in another box to take with us on our kitty sitting adventure. This is supposed to be a vacation of sorts and knitting anywhere, anytime is a vacation for me.
The back of the house is cleaned up. I had to jump up and down in the yard debris barrel to get everything in, but I did it. Thanks to Debbie for the compost recipe. I shall surely use it! And thanks to Martha for bringing me a bucket of her very own compost to put on my tomato plants. Before we take off I hope to get the compost down and a strip of Cory's Snail and Slug Bait around the whole area. Usually I am careful about not putting chemicals in my garden, but, people, I can't stand snails and slugs, so I make an exemption for snail bait.
We have determined that our washing machine will cost too much to repair when one compares the price of a new one to the price of the repair parts. So we will be looking at washing machines to purchase. We are also going to buy an air filtering machine to help purify the air and get rid of the under the house musty odor. Sigh. I'll be happy to have a new washer and cleaner air, so I shouldn't complain about the expense. AND our vacuum cleaner quit on us. BUT our handyman Denny had an old one he doesn't use so he is letting us use it. What a great handyman, huh?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are getting settled into your new life! Enjoy!!:)

Anonymous said...

Found your blog- glad you are getting settled- and glad you found the knitting group. Love your new yarn!
~Kristin (from knitting)

roxie said...

Are you going to use the new washer to wash fleeces? Make sure it has a great filter that is easy to clean! (Roving is so much easier!)

Have fun with the writing class.

How about a picture of Redondo Beach in summer?

Debbie said...

We just did the new washer thing. The consensus seemed to be to buy a basic Whirlpool. However, we went with a brand called Fisher & Paykel for a few reasons. It fit the space and no other washers, except the basic models, would fit. We wanted energy star, as we are going to metered water/or moving to a septic system. So low water use was important. And finally, I really really really wanted a faster spin down so the dry time would be shorter. Cost is higher than the basic washer, but much lower than the front loaders. Supposedly it has few parts that are easily repaired by owner. Oh, and comes with two year instead of the typical one year waranty.