Thursday, July 05, 2007

Two Days

This morning I am pulling together several boxes of "miscellaneous". Then I'm off to Laval to meet Deb and bring her back here to help until Sunday afternoon. Yeah! Tim and Mia will be here tomorrow afternoon. We're planning on using Marine muscle on all the big, heavy items.

Right now I'm feeling okay about our progress. We'll see if reality hits tomorrow.

Yesterday Elizabeth helped us pack the Sonshine Shop truck and we drove it up and unloaded the boxes and all the new rugs. We put the rugs down in the rooms and they look great!

I realized that I never knitted up a matching hat for the little brown sweater for LA, so this morning I pulled out the yarn and reference patterns before I packed them. I'll grab some needles and put them in a special bag for therapy knitting.

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roxie said...

Therapy knitting. Very wise! And an unpacking suggestion: Set up the bed and put the sheets and blankets on it first thing. And put soap and toweles and toilet paper in the bathroom. When you are exhausted at the end of the long, long day, you don't want to have to make up the bed and hunt for towels before you can go to sleep.