Thursday, July 26, 2007


As in Redondo Beach.

We arrived at the house, but the kitty slept all day! So we went out and had lunch with Mike and went to see his new adobe--a studio apt in Hermosa Beach. It needs to be painted--lose the lavender/pink and put on white, which is what John and Mike are going to do tomorrow. Not me. I'm taking a writing class tomorrow and Saturday.

There won't be much knitting getting done until Sunday or Monday because of the class. I did do the finish work on the hats I made for LA. I made two different sizes and now I am writing down the patterns. Photos tomorrow, I hope.

A friend of mine is leaving for Bolivia on Sunday to go teach second grade for a year or two. Isn't modern technology amazing==we will still be able to communicate via email, blog/xanga, skype or yahoo messenger. Bon voyage, Rea, and have a great year!

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Beto and Laura Perez Speaks said...

Hey Linda,
Thanks for the comments. I really hope to see you guys soon. A little bird told me where and when to find you at Starbucks on San Antonio on Sundays. I named the bird Glenda in honor of my sister.
Love you!