Monday, July 23, 2007

Box Count Down and Garden Pull Out

Today I unpacked six more boxes, four of photo frames and two of sewing supplies. All that is left are the five photo album boxes, two boxes of the cedar chest contents (which will be placed back in the cedar chest after I refinish it), a box of computer gadgets, a box of Indonesian curios and one box of John's stuff. Not bad--we're really coming along.

This afternoon I went out in the back and PULLED out overgrown plants. I guess I should have worn gloves because now my hands are red and sore.

You can see below how much of the back ledge I've cleared now,

and how much I have left to do. The ivy and honeysuckle are alive and well.

This little cutie is a leftover from the former owners. I don't much like cupids or cherubs, but, Roxie, you can swing by here any time you want and pick it up since you do like them.

This birdbath is also a leftover. I may keep it if I can make it stable and upright and I'll move the bunny to the patio.

The Temple Flame bouggainvillea seems to be happy by the front steps.


Mama Mia said...

umm... mumsy... if you truly don't want that cupid... *big innocent bambi eyes*

Willow said...

of course if you come get it and get here before Roxie's yours

roxie said...

Oh, Like I'm going to take it home on the airplane in my carry-on luggage? Go for it, Sweet MaryRose!

What a load of weeding and clearing you have done! My gorsh! the new yard is looking lovely.

Anonymous said...

Sympathize about the vines, totally! If I didn't live 3000 miles away, I would take the cupid too. I'm not into cutesy stuff but that's a nice one.

Debbie said...

Compost recipe:

50 lb bag of alfalfa pellets from the feed store, plain
2 bags of chicken manure
1 large bag of composted redwood bark
add a pile of leaves if you can find some, and whatever kitchen compost you can come up with, or else add another bag of something good.
Mix and stir for a week or two.
It does amazing things to a garden. This year I will make twice as much.