Thursday, July 12, 2007


All our belongings are in Camarillo, and most of them are actually in the house. We are playing rubics cubes with furniture. We still have some bookcases on the patio in front and a refrigerator, washing machine and painting gear in the carport. We've been there less than a week, so it's all good.

We got a phone line this afternoon but we still don't have internet, except dial up. So we are at a local coffee house called Palermo Coffee. Palermo sells gelato too, so Mike, John and I are eating gelato, talking, checking email and hanging out. Mike came up to help us move our bookcases and our family room furniture around. It's really not so far to come up here from El Segundo/Culver City.

We do love Camarillo already. It's quiet, clean and a bit cooler than LA. Martha popped over today and helped unpack books. It's lovely to have family so close.

No knitting is getting done. I found my knitting needles but they're not unpacked. Once I unpack them, I'll really be home.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Home!
P.S. I leave in two weeks.!!

jaeyde said...

i can't wait to see pictures! (hi!!!)