Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Four Days

The countdown is getting lower and the pile of boxes is getting higher.

The weather is still quite warm. I packed the house thermometer so I can't tell you how hot it is except that I sweat just sitting at the computer. We have no AC here so we just muddle along. We'll be going to the Beach Cities to pick up our rugs and do a sanity beach walk this evening. We can expect it to be as much as 15 degrees cooler there. Yesterday as we were driving along the freeway, we watched the car temperature read-out drop 15 degrees between our house and Manhattan Beach.

This morning before we left for my podiatrist appt in Pasadena, we packed several boxes, mostly photo albums and games. I know I'll have help packing tomorrow through Saturday, but I want to keep getting as much done as possible. I don't like all the last minutes chaos. So I'm off now to keep on packing. If you are a person who has lived in the same house for many years and don't plan to move, but thankful!

Here's a photo to keep you cool!
Oregon Snow Storm

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roxie said...

Burrsy wurrsy! A snowstorm? We hates snow, we does!