Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Birthday Girl

We drove up to Visalia on Sunday to be on hand to celebrate Kiti's birthday. She is thirty. That doesn't seem possible. Just last month she was a curious three year old, playing in the dirt, running barefoot around the Papuan village where we lived, eating sweet potatoes and sugar cane. And last week she was a university student, TAing human biology, studying organic chemistry and parasitology. Wasn't it yesterday she was a rocket scientist at Boeing? But today, she's a lovely wife, daughter and sister. Still curious, still studying, still pursuing knowledge and still eating sweet potatoes with her java chip frappacinos or Earl Grey tea.

I think if I asked Kiti what she loves most in the world, she'd say, "My husband, my kitties, my mum and dad, my sibs, my in-laws, reading books, learning about ancient cultures and tropical parasites, studying the Bible."
What a privilege and blessing it is to have raised this beautiful, remarkably intelligent woman and have her as my friend.
And it really helps that she knows how to get me out of any kind of computer black hole I've gotten myself into.
May you have many, many more happy birthdays, Kiti!


Barbara said...

Thanks for visiting me. I do like your blog. We have a lot in common. My daughter is a scientist too. I lov e gardening, knitting and beaches amongst other things. I would never tire of beach and ocean pictures. Your ocean is so blue. I think the birds stand into the wind to watch for fish coming in and not to have their feathers ruffled.
Both my children have been to LA a number of times. I have trvelled in the States a lot but not Ca.
I will come back and read more of yours.

Anonymous said...

Please say "Happy Birthday" to Deborah from us!!!
You have two very beautiful daughters who are amazing!!
Jim and Julene

ancient one said...

Pretty girls.. I'm looking forward to seeing your shell pictures.

roxie said...

Two beautiful daughters. And what with the trophy wife, your husband is enfolded in pulcheritude!

Barbara said...

What a good idea to follow the walk on Google maps. I assume yu mean Google earth. The house we stay in is clearly visible on Google earth(providing yjou know where to look of course)
Hope you do get to London next year. Do let me know yur plans as they evolve.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely tribute to your daughter :-)