Thursday, October 18, 2007

Autumn Pink?

Two years ago I was gifted a bundle of pink mohair yarn. I knitted up a hoodie with a front pocket using the mohair. I like the pattern which is one I copied from an old hoodie MamaMia gave me when she got tired of it. I don't like the mohair so much because it sheds more than a long haired cat. However, I do like the color. I'm definitely a pink girl.

I wore the hoodie to my knitting group this week because even here in Southern California the nights are cool during autumn. But I wondered about wearing a spring/summer color like pink.

All the decorations in the stores, online, at school, in the natural world around me, are showing the warm fall colors, shades of orange, brown, tan, yellow. Is there a place for pink in the autumn palette?

I have discovered PINK on my daily walks!

Pepper Tree Seeds

Leaves in shades of pink--sweet gum and euchalyptus

Pink can be a fall color, too! I will wear my pink sweater, knowing there is a place for pink flowers and leaves among the pumpkins of the seasons.


kate said...

There is definitely a place for pink in the fall and winter. I think it is a colour that should be more predominant when it's cold and we have fewer hours of sunshine.

I didn't really realise that autumn leaves were often tinged in pink ... it took a watercolour class and mixing paints to make me see that!

Happy pink autumn! I love that sweater!

Mary said...

The sweater is beautiful and there's no reason why it can't be worn year 'round. Enjoy it!

Mary said...


You asked for some information on AS. I have left you a note in the comment area of that post.

If there's any other information I can help you with, be sure to let me know.


Midlife Cycler said...

Pink if fast becoming one of my favorite colors...check out my bike :)

roxie said...

Pink good. We loves pink. Always time for pink.

Those photos are exquisite. And the sweater looks divine. I have heard that mohair sheds less if you freeze it.

Bethany said...

Gorgeous! I am wearing pink right now and I love it!!! It's funny that we have such traditional ideas of what colors to wear in which season... great post!

Anonymous said...

Lovely lovely pinks, Willow. I especially like the pink peppers. Good childhood memories of a large pepper tree in the middle of the schoolyard.

Heather said...

I just purchased a sweater the same color. It's a lovely mauve like pink.

Anonymous said...

Yes, pink can definitely be a year-round color. That sweater looks so cozy!

Catherine said...

Your right pink can be a fall color...those are beautiful pink flower's...your sweater/hoodie looks very pretty also!

Kiti said...

I'm no fan of pink, but if you like it, you should wear it any day you want, any time of the year! You have my permission...
Anyway, we are going to clean, purge, and organize today up here in Kiti's lair. I want to do some crafty stuff, too, I think. I'm going to take a bike ride in a minute.