Monday, October 01, 2007

I'd Rather Be

I have to go out tonight. While I do enjoy my Bible study, sometimes my spirit reminds me that I really am a homebody and I would just rather be at home. Oh, don't worry, I know I'll go tonight, but I was thinking, woudn't it be nice to just stay at home, day after day, night after night and never have to go away again?
I suppose I'd get tired of being home after, say, six months, but I could garden, knit, read, check out everything on the internet, cook, bake, welcome The Professor home with a lovely meal. Aren't there groceries stores that deliver? I wouldn't even go to the store. If I needed something, I'd order it online. Wouldn't that be lovely, just putter around the house, tidy the papers, write a few letters?
If you could just stay home, what would you do?


ancient one said...

I do just stay home.

Well, I don't work outside the home.

My husband is a work-a-holic and only takes Sunday off. I sit and dream of all the places I want to go. LOL

I am on call to take my mom to places she needs/wants to go. I was the grandma that was able to go to school to pick up grandchildren. (My youngest grandchild is now doing his driving with his learner's permit.)

Sometimes I'm needed to run to another town to pick up parts for my husband which I think is fun.

But, for the most part, my days are my own.

Bethany said...

I do have those days when I could just stay here and do art projects or cook or just watch movies all day!!! Or actually finish a book! When I do get that kind of day (I don't really remember one right now!), then I tend to need to get out and see somebody!
By the way, have you been tagged yet?? If not and you want to play... List 7 Honest things about yourself and tag 7 others... it's up to you ;)

roxie said...

I find that I need human contact and outside stimulation once in a while. And without some sort of external schedule, I sort of flop into indecision and become a puddle of indolence.

Beatriz said...

Knit, bake, cook, and sew. Of course, I'd get tired of that really quick and want to travel.

jaeyde said...

I'd enjoy it for a bit and then I'd go crazy. I'm telecommuting for my job which means I can work from whereever I want. Usually this means I have to get myself out of the house to get work done. I <3 cafes with free wireless.

jaeyde said...

oh! by the way... did i tell you i'm learning how to knit? Jarka is teaching me. :)

Anonymous said...

I think it would be great to stay at home all the time! Unfortunately, for me, giving into that impulse too often tends to feed a little gremlin inside that later makes me stay home when I don't want to stay home. I learned that the hard way.