Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tuesday: A Short Post

Thank you all, dear readers, for your expressions of sympathy for my cold. I am feeling somewhat better. I have been taking echinacea pills and I really think they help reduce the symptoms. Unfortunately, I have been rather more generous with the germs than I ought to have been. The Professor is sick.

I have no other exciting news from Willow's Cottage. Oh, wait, yes, I do! Chaplain Dan just called to say that he and The Princess are bringing her sister to visit this weekend! I love company, especially family. We shall pull out the good china, polish the silver, bake some pies, and celebrate!

On the knitting of the Aran sweater front, I worked two more inches, so the total is 8.5 inches finished on the back. This includes tinking a few cables because I did them wrong. Do you know the word 'tinking'? Tink is knit backwards. That means, well, you know what it means.
And so, since I have nothing else to offer you, I will leave you with a beach photo! The birds are pelicans, flying in formation, scanning the Pacific shore for fish to scoop up in their bills.


Mary said...


Yes, we have a habit of giving gifts to our spouses that aren't welcome. My husband caught a cold last week and gave it to me. :-( Well, I'm over it and he still has his. I will be sending him to the doctor this week. He had heart bypass in 2001 and I don't take any chances. Now he will be the one who is unhappy.

Take care and be sure to take lots of Vitamin C.


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Willow,

Followed Mary here from Mary's Writing Nook. Hope you feel much better. I don't knit, but love your homey thoughts. The photo is the pelicans is beautiful! I enjoyed your cottage and will be back to read more.



Unknown said...

Lovely beach. I do hope your cold is on its way out by now, the children and I have all had colds already since school went back, I have started back on the echinacea now too, I really hate being ill, so inconvenient!

Unknown said...

Re:comment - I do agree with you, freedom to choose and we should all enjoy our differences!

Mary said...


I've tagged you in the 8 Things That Make Me, Me game. You can find instructions here:


If you wish to participate, it is a lot of fun and a great way to get to know more about people. If not, that is okay too.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your cold- I take it you skipped knitting last night? I did too- spent it with a friend who was down and needed to talk. Hope you feel better soon- the sweater is coming along beautifully! I envy your knitting time!


Barbara said...

Oh! Dear

Got to looking at Hood River Valley area on Google Earth - had to stop or I would be here all night I find it so fascinating scanning places. However I must have my bath and get ready for bed.
Glad you are recovering. Sorry about the Professor!

Bethany said...

Beautiful photo! And I've never heard the phrase "tinking"! I learn so much from you!

My Wandering Wardrobe said...

Oh, I love the beach picture. I'm glad you're starting to feel better and hope your Professor gets better soon. Have a wonderful time with your visitors. :)