Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tea For Two

Take one new packet of Earl Grey tea-

Put the tea in a NEW BLUE WILLOW TEA POT from Chaplain Dan and The Princess-

Serve in Blue Willow tea cups-

If you wish, pour milk in your cup (like MamaMia does)-

I love my new tea pot! Thank you, Chaplain Dan and Princess!


Ally Jay said...

Tea for me please. How perfectly delightful your tea pot is.

Joanne Kennedy said...

Now that is a lovely gift! Enjoy!


ellen b. said...

Oh Sweet! Was that the teapot I saw or is this a different one. Just beautiful.

Flower said...

Very pretty tea pot, cup and pitcher! Earl Grey would approve! We should plan a blog tea party...all of us at the same time sipping from our favorite cups and eating cookies!!

Anonymous said...

I adore teapots and yours is just lovely!

Mary said...


Your new tea pot is gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing. The Earl Gray tea would taste perfect when poured from this pot.


violetlady said...

My favorite tea - Earl Grey.
My favorite china pattern - Blue Willow.
I use Blue Willow everyday and have for years and years. I also have Blue Willow diner (yes, diner) plates (the heavy ones divided into sections)along the tops of the cabinets in my kitchen.

ancient one said...

Such pretty pieces of Blue Willow.