Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Michael

Twenty-seven years ago today, in a little mission hospital a long long way away from California, in the middle of a jungle swamp, a little boy was born. Too early, too little, but oh-so-alive.

Happy Birthday, Michael! For twenty seven years you've been a source of great joy, laughter, wonder, and friendship to your brothers and sisters and your parents. Wishing you many more years of exploring and learning, of playing volleyball and going for night runs.


kate smudges said...

Happy Birthday to Michael! You've been blessed with lovely children Willow.

My bougainvillea is a Barbara Karsh, although the bract olour isn't as deep now as it was throughout the summer.

Hope the pizza was good!

Elizabeth said...

I think congratulations are in order all around!
What a handsome, wonderful son you have!
And I was so pleased to hear your exam results.
It always make one terribly anxious!
Next month my son will be 30.......that makes me very old.
All best wishes

roxie said...

You do turn out handsome children. And then you raise them to be just as attractive on the inside. Good job, Willow!

Knitting Linguist said...

Happy birthday, Michael! And here's to many many more :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm... favorite city... hmm.
Well, I would love to live in London because I love big cities and London is amazing. For visiting, probably Oxford. I have only really been around that area though... to Bristol, Bath, Oxford, Bedford, and Olney. Limited experience, really.

The Eagle and Child was very charming on the inside, although we only had drinks so I don't know how the food was!

ellen b. said...

Happy Birthday to your Michael! Blessings on many more!

Barbara said...

Happy Birthday to Michael and congrats. on Exam results.

ancient one said...

Happy Birthday to Michael. I have a grandson born on Jan. 19, 1985.

Kiti said...

I haven't been good about commenting a lot. However, I should note that you can know Willow is a great mom because all her children genuinely like one another. My "little" brother Michael is one of my favorie people and best friens, and one of the few people who can claim to understand me. Sometimes, I like to think that I taught him almost everything he knows. =D

Kiti said...

Oops, that should be "friends", not "friens", in my previous comment.