Friday, November 23, 2007

The Princess Publishes Her Thanksgiving List

After reading my I Am Thankful list, The Princess decided to write up a Thanksgiving list of her own.

She is thankful for

sand dollars
fizzy lemonade
Pizza Hut that delivers
ready made chocolate chip cookie dough
dvd rental machines in the grocery store
walks on the beach

And the Marine PFC's sister (both of whom celebrated Thanksgiving with us) is thankful for

being able to rescue her brother from being stuffed into a stranger's car at Camp Pendleton and whisked off to a well wisher's home for Thanksgiving dinner (which is actually a very thoughtful thing that many Oceanside families do for lonely Marines far away from home)

and like any proper Middle Earth lore lover-- good food, good friends, and South Farthing Longbottom weed

Chaplain Dan, Marine PFC, The Marine (who is married to MamaMia)


Midlife Cycler said...

That is a great picture of some fine young men! Thanks for sharing that!!

Willow said...

Two of them are MINE! My son and my son-in-law. The middle one is the younger brother of TED--The Extra Daughter who is my 'adopted' daughter, friend and ex-roomie of Kiti.

Bethany said...

What a handsome group! And I love her list!!!

ancient one said...

Hey, finally got back here again. Got caught up on your blogs. I love to watch those people brave enough to wind surf. They can really go fast over the water and get so high up in the air. In my younger days, I would have had to try that!!

Loved the picture of the sand dollar. They are so hard to find on the sand at the beaches I visit. I can't even imagine them in bunches. Is it always like that or just certain times of the year?

Your sweaters are beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

I like her list. :)
We find sand dollars now and then at the beaches around here. I agree, what a handsome bunch of guys.

Mary said...

Beautiful thankful lists. And those men are so handsome.

Please stop over to my blog and pick up the Christmas Spirit button.