Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thanks And A First Anniversary

We are on a long weekend trip to California's Central Valley to visit Kiti and help her finish packing their belongings for the move to Arizona. We've enjoyed our extended rests and talks between the busyness of packing.

The grandcats are creating numerous distractions like jumping in and out of boxes, meowing over dinner, escaping to the back yard to explore which is EXPRESSLY forbidden. Hobbes knows how to push open the sliding glass door.

Thank you all for your insights into writing. I've read and reread your comments and take both pleasure and inspiration from them. I have a three hour drive home on Monday to ponder more--so much wisdom in your words!

I am using Kiti's computer so I can't post any photos. I'd love to show you the sweater I am quickly finishing for her. Next week!

I also want to wish a very Happy First Anniversary to Chaplain Dan and his Princess. Unfortunately, they cannot be together today as Chp. Dan is on active duty for three weeks. As you think of them today, send a sweet wish their way!


Anonymous said...

How lovely! Happy anniversary to Chaplain Dan and his Princess!

Bethany said...

Pass along a Happy Anniversary from me too!!!

Can't wait for you to get home Willow!! Glad you're having fun!

Midlife Cycler said...

Enjoy the rest of that trip, ...wish I could up and do a trip like that :)
I am anxious to see the sweater!

Come see my clean kitchen today !

kate said...

Have a wonderful visit ... from one daughter to the other... enjoy the grandcats!

And a Happy Belated Anniversary to Chaplain Dan and his Princess!