Tuesday, November 06, 2007


The wedding The Professor and I attended on Saturday afternoon was a joyous celebration. The bride was truly radiant!
I loved the basket of hydrangeas that welcomed us to the reception room.
The foundation flowers of the table arrangements were actually grass.
The wedding cake wasn't a cake. There was a small top layer with the words Live Love Laugh written in icing around the edge. But all the rest of the cake was -- cupcakes. Vanilla, chocolate, red velvet. Decorated with the same autumn flowers placed everywhere in the reception room. The photos aren't all in focus. I had to snap quick shots before the guests grabbed the cupcakes and ate them all.

Congratulations, Ron and Sharon!


Barbara said...

Interesting and different.

Heather said...

Those cupcakes... yumo. It looks like a grea time. And beautiful flowers. Thanks for the sweet birthday message.

Mary said...

When I ordered the cake for my Mom's 80th birthday in September, they asked me if I wanted a cupcake cake. The ice the entire top, but guests can easily take one of the cupcakes. I declined and had a traditional cake. However, I would consider this type of cake for my grandsons' birthdays. They'd love it.

Lovely photos.

Bethany said...

What a great idea... and it looks so pretty from your photos! Glad to hear you had a great time!!

kate said...

I would have loved to have tasted those cupcakes. What a great idea ... the hydrangeas were beautiful too!