Friday, May 25, 2007

A Home of Our Own

We went up to the new house today and we are now home owners! We have the keys, clickers, and pool key to prove it. And while I was there I did not take a single solitary photo even though I had my camera with me and I planned to take lots and lots of pictures.

We did do lots and lots of measuring for rugs to have made to put down on the pergo floors. We did talk to home insurance agents and we went to one car repair place and it was closed until May 29th, so we went to another and had a very nice conversation with the very knowledgeable rep, a nice young man.

I did go out to the back of the new house when I heard the automatic sprinklers come on and checked out how they were working. One was shooting straight up in the air about ten feet. It's going to need tweaking.

I don't think the change in our lives has sunk in yet. I know we're moving, I know we're looking for new jobs, I know we're leaving some friends and moving closer to others, but it doesn't feel real yet. But June 30th is coming and maybe on July 1st, it will feel as real as it will be.

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Anonymous said...

YEA! CONGRATULATIONS! Wish I could come see your new place!