Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Thursday Small Group Fun

The week has slipped by so quickly and much has happened at Willow's little cottage.

Each Thursday evening we spend with a small group of other World Impact people. We always have dinner together. Sometimes we do serious stuff like Bible study, reflecting on spiritual disciplines, and sometimes we are crazy and mess around. Last week we messed around and played a scavenger hunt game using our cameras.

Everyone in sunglasses (borrowed from the littles' toybox--yes, my adorable models)

Crab walking in front of the house. Mind you, we are on a street in South Central Los Angeles, about a mile from USC campus. We grabbed a man walking by to take our picture. He was a little bit tipsy and was returning from the liquor store with an open can in brown paper bag. He's Cynthia's neighbor and it worked out great because our craziness allowed us to meet him. There's not much higher level of trust than to give a new neighbor your camera to hold.

A piece of mail.

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