Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday Afternoon Fun

I have been wandering around the house this afternoon, not able to perch anywhere for long. I suppose it's because I am distracted by the fact that the house transaction is taking place as I write. Funds are transferred, agents are calling each other about keys and clickers, and we are sitting around looking at rug samples, paint chips and cloth swatches.

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week at school. The focus of the parents' efforts seems to be filling us teachers up beyond the brim with wonderful food both breakfast and lunch. I just can't keep up with the offerings so I have been opting out of breakfast at school and eating my usual banana and cereal at home. But, oh the lunches. Carne asada tacos today. Homemade salsa. Salads. Rice pudding. Yesterday was shrimp and crab salad. Tuesday? Two kinds of fried chicken. Everyday, all the jamaica and horchata we can drink. Maybe it's hard to concentrate after eating so much.

Next week will have to be fasting and exercise week!

I have stitched together two of the six rows of eight granny blocks and I am almost finished with the third one. No photos because I can't figure out how to photograph long snaky columns of granny squares.

So here is a picture of a single blossom a friend gave me last night.

Tomorrow morning we will go up to the new house and pick up our keys and clickers, walk around the neighborhood, get any paperwork we need. We have a long list of places we want to visit, too. Mechanic, insurance agent, maybe the school district office.

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roxie said...

Moving on! Yayyy! You are greatly to be appreciated. What a loving way to show it!