Thursday, May 17, 2007


This weekend I am going to this lovely place with some lovely ladies.

Hopefully, it won't look like this:

Or this:

I shall take my camera, a good book, some movies, and of course plenty of knitting. Probably the Cashsoft...I went to my lys yesterday but ended up not choosing a pattern. Just too many options. I know I want to knit a cardigan, but there were so many choices--no collar, big collar, plain stockinette, ribbed, cabled. I left with ideas but no decision. I'm going to take my needles and cast on and see what happens.


roxie said...

You are a Master Knitter now. Chart your own pattern.

The beach looks lovely. Regardless of the weather, it's still the beach. And you've done the Oregon coast, so I know a little drizzle won't fluster you. Anyhow, rainy beaches are less crowded!

Anonymous said...

I am jealous of you guys. Wish I could be there.

Anonymous said...

...Have Fun!