Monday, May 28, 2007

A Walk In the Park

Expostion Park is 1.5 miles from our house. Yesterday we walked east to Vermont Avenue, then south along the east edge of USC, past Adams Blvd, Jefferson and Exposition and past literally dozens of Jacaranda trees. These trees were planted along many Los Angeles residential streets and most of them still survive. They are nondescript green fernlike-leafed trees that are just 'there' all year until they bloom in May and blanket the whole city in purple trumpet flowers. When you are driving along one of the city freeways, you can look out and see rows and rows of Jacarandas, laid out straight as the streets.

I had never been to Exposition Park even though I know that's where the Memorial Coliseum is, as well as the Natural History Museum, Science Center and African American History Museum.

The park has a Rose Garden. As a native of Portland, the City of Roses, I have a great affinity to roses, so I enjoyed walking through the rows of rose beds.

Daydream, a shrub rose, in full bloom

A pink rose, name plate missing

Misty, in honor of Mia's roommate Misti, who graduated from Biola University on Saturday

And this amazing Hot Cocoa rose. Doesn't it look yummy enough to drink?


Anonymous said...

Very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Your rose photos are so clear and wonderful. I love all roses, but the hot cocoa one is new to me - fantastic colour!

roxie said...

So THOSE are Jacarandas! Thanks. I wondered. Lovely roses.