Saturday, May 12, 2007


I have spent quite a bit of time lately thinking about color, thinking in color, looking at color palettes, gathering paint color samples and picking up fabric swatches because we will need to paint the new place and furnish it.

We need to purchase a set of living room furniture (sofas and chairs) so we have visited a lot of furniture stores and sat on a lot of sofas. I want the furniture to have washable slipcovers, and the deal is that the sofa and chairs have to be comfortable for both of us, even though I am 5'4" and John is 6'2". We have found a set at a brand store and we can choose the color of the slipcovers. That's where the stress gets stepped up. I have to choose colors.

I spend a lot of my time working with fibers. But I seem to be color challenged or at least choosing color challenged. In the past, I have chosen colors and been disappointed. I have bought books about color and decorating and I still don't SEE it.

I know the colors I love:


turquoise and other shades of blue

and beach and ocean colors

I know I'll figure it out. I THINK we will get blue sofa and chairs, light gray/stone carpets and paint with light, light blue and a grayish white.


roxie said...

And with that nice cool pallette, you might want a few warm accents like natural wood shelves and tables, baskets (full of yarn?) and maybe a rich chocolate floor pillow. Knowing you, There will be lots of textures for interest. I like the way you have displayed all this.

Unknown said...

It is so hard committing to a new and large item like a sofa but those cool beach colours are so lovely and relaxing and if your heart is pulled that way then I am sure it will be the right decision.

Thank you for your comment on the baby sweater, I will really have to be more careful about reading patterns through before I get stuck in. The RYC cashsoft is such a revelation to me and I am dying to knit up something for myself using it now.