Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Room for Finishing

Here in Willow's Cottage, I have the tiny back room. Sometimes I sit there in the afternoon, sipping tea, reading and finishing my projects. When we move to the new house I will have to find another quiet spot.

The Earl Grey joined me this afternoon.

What could be more pleasant than a yarn project and a couple of good books?

The Granny Square Afghan is stitched together! Forty-eight squares, each one unique. All that remains is the crocheted border.


Mama Mia said...

Mumsy, it looks lovely! I can't wait to curl up in it when we come for visits. :o)

I am so addicted to kids books! I went to B&N with Wendy and her girls and spent the whole time wandering around the kids' section wishing I had enough money to buy all the books! I want to go to the library and reread Elizabeth Enright's books.

Willow said...

My favorites of E Enright's books are Four Story Mistake and Then There Were Five. You need The Saturdays to set the stage for the other two books, but I don't like The Saturdays as much.
Did you ever read Understood Betsy? (Not by Enright)

Mama Mia said...

I agree that The Saturdays was not as well written, but it is still pretty good. I don't think I have read Understood Betsy. You should email me a list of children's books that I should get from the local library. :o) I think that Four Story Mistake is my favorite of all children's books I've read!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Willow!
Was thinking of you and miss you. Wish I could beam you up.