Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tuesday Was Eventful

The Griffith Park fire is big news here in Los Angeles. Yesterday afternoon, when we left our house at 2:30, John said, "There's a fire!" We thought at first it was a house/restaurant/warehouse fire, but we quickly realized that there was too much smoke. This was a much bigger blaze. Griffith Park is due north of us, about five miles away.
I snapped a photo from the 10 Fwy/110 Fwy interchange. We could see the orange flames. And of course, we thought of our Fireman Bob and prayed for his safety.

In the evening, I took my usual Tuesday walk along The Strand in Manhattan Beach.


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roxie said...

Smoke in the air does make for astounding sunsets. Prayers for your safety!

Would you consider re-posting the granny square photos? I couldn't get them to open. Thanks!