Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Fave Five

Here it is Friday again, so soon, and it's time for FAVE FIVE.

1. Ellen and I took a morning walk on Tuesday because I had a day off school for Veteran's Day. We chose a different route, one that took us under the 101 freeway and past a lemon grove

and a ranch where we met her

and him.

2. A drive down Hwy 1 through Malibu and Santa Monica to Los Angeles' beach cities. No photos--I was driving!

3. Dinner with Number 2 Son at one of our favorite Thai restaurants, Thai Dishes. Bean curd soup. Basil chicken. Thai iced tea.

4. Photo hunting at home. I have gathered all the stray photos and the albums and the supplies to start my photo album marathon. I found printed photos and cds that I thought maybe I'd lost. Now comes the hard part: organizing them and putting them in to albums!

5. Coffee with a wise older friend I hadn't seen for several months. The hours we spent talking and catching up just flew by.

It was a good week!

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Susanne said...

That lemon grove is gorgeous. You guys have such lovely scenery where you're at.

ellen b. said...

Sounds like your time away is reaping good things for you!!

Unknown said...

I did that scrapbooking marathon a few years ago. At the time it was 25 years worth of pictures. Whew! But it was so worth it. You'll enjoy the journey. All the memories!

Love the pics of the animals and the lemon grove. Lovely!

I'll try to remember to post the waffle recipe sometime. I had thought of it ... then I forgot. So typical of me!

S said...

I love your pictures and descriptions of places that I actually know. Such an unexpected blessing.

Robin said...

I love those pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely fav 5. Do lemon groves smell of lemons or is it just the fruit? It probably sounds like a daft question, but I've never been to one. I love the fresh smell of lemons in Summer, but in Autumn, I love the smell of windfall apples going all cidery on the floor in orchards.

roxie said...

Life is good!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures!

I love Thai food and especially the iced tea :)

Robin said...

Sounds like you had a nice, peaceful week.
One of these days I need to do the scrapbooking marathon too - I'm afraid it would take me months!

Knitting Linguist said...

It sounds like a great week! Wise friends are wonderful. And good luck with your photo album marathon :)

Barbara said...

Looks like that is the lemon orchard that I saw on Google Earth when surfing around your neighbourhood.

Bethany said...

I was going to say the same thing as Susanne... I love that lemon grove! The photo reminds me of northern California. Good luck with your scrapbooking!!!